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Bye Bra Perfect Cleavage Tape with Silk Nipple Covers


The Perfect Cleavage Tape is a four tape bra solution, using two tapes per breast.
 The L shaped tape lifts the breast from the side and turns it inwards to create cleavage while the inverted T shaped tape adds the final support. 

Depending on the cup size the L and T tapes can be cut to double the usage amount. 

A comfortable 'FULL SUPPORT' solution with boosted cleavage
Perfect idea for formal dressing- Strapless, Backless, V- Necked clothing
Cup available for A-F

Package include 12 pcs adhesive breast tapes and 6 pcs silk nipple covers

Transparent and invisible

Water and sweat proof, ideal for swimsuit

Made from A 3m medical adhesive tape

Lasts for up to 8 hours

Passes all EU quality standards.


Please see Bye Bra's Perfect Cleavage Application video at:
How to apply this bra?Please see the image and also the back of the package

1 pcs Bye Bra Perfect Cleavage Breast Tape Bust Lift Invisible Enhancer

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