100% Brand New                     
Size: about 210*150mm
Quantity: 1 sheet in a pack  


Very good choice as temporary tattoo,body makeup,and also it can cover scar on body
Good quality 
Durability is difference base on position, such as the hands, the inside of elbows, neck can be held for 2 days and other part can be kept 3-5 days
Perfect idea for gifting


Warning: Do not apply to sensitive skin, near eyes or if allergic to adhaesive


1.Skin must be completely clean and dry
2. remove the reansparent paper cover
3.Place tattoo face down on skin
4.Rub back of tattoo firmly with damp cloth or sponge for 10-20s
5.Gently lift corner of tattoo  to check if it is transferring. If it has transferred, gently peel off paper. If not, press down again and wet again
6.After removing the paper, wait a few minutes before gently washing with water. Pat dry the tattoo 
7. If treated carefully your tattoo will last for serval days
8.To remove use cold cream or baby oil. Rubbing alcohol (make up remover) will remove the tattoo instantly.

Neon Temporary Tattoo 5625