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Forget about time-consuming hand washing with the Bye Bra Washing Bag. Save delicate fabrics from developing snags by placing them in our laundry bag before washing.

The material of the Bye Bra Washing Bag allows water and washing powder to seep in, while protecting the hooks and wires from stretching or breaking during washing and drying. The shape of the Bye Bra Washing bag preserves delicate fabrics and maintains the structural integrity of the cups. The secure metal zip means your delicate garments stay separate from the rest of the items in your wash.

The Bye Bra Washing Bag protects your lingerie, hosiery and other delicates in a washing machine. The durable polyester fibre material allows for maximum passage of water and thorough cleaning  without  worrying  about snags or pulls. The Washing Bag ensures the optimal condition of your precious garments.

  • 1 item in a pack
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Size: 30 x 40 cm

Please read the instruction on the package before apply on.

      BYE BRA Washing Laundry Bag 930

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