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The Bye Bra Waterproof Pads help you to achieve an instant and natural looking push-up effect. They are ideal for solving any bra-fitting problem or adding extra push-up. Their triangular shape and gel-like material provide superior support and create a fuller looking bust under your bikini.

The Bye Bra Waterproof Pads are of high quality offering a soft, seemless and comfortable experience. Improve your natural shape while adding a cup size to your bustline. Simply slip them into your bra or bikini to add natural-looking curves and cleavage effect.

  • Hand-wash with warm water and mild soap, then air dry.
  • Do not pin or sew in the Waterproof pads in place.

Please read the instruction on the package before apply on.

      BYE BRA Waterproof Pads 932

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